Youri Mulder



Hometown glory. Youri Mulder, a household name, inextricably linked with Twente.
Youri is a former professional football player, who is best known for his performances at FC Twente and Schalke 04. These days, he is still active in the field, however, now he fills the position of sports commentator.
Even though Youri was not born or raised in Twente, it is the place, where he feels most at home. It was his signing with FC Twente in 1990 that first made him move to Enschede. Youri instantly fell in love with the surroundings.
Upon joining Schalke 04 in 1993, he did spend some time in Gelsenkirchen. However, by then, he was already sold on Twente, and so he decided to head back, and make Enschede his home base.


After years of mainly wearing tricot, Youri has managed to develop his own signature style. This style allows him to present himself perfectly in any given environment. Whether it concerns a sportive scene or a more formal setting, this man knows how to dress.
Youri has a great way of describing his personal style:

‘Totally and utterly chaotic, mostly winging it, inspired slightly by what other people are wearing and to top it off – with a whiff of trying to be bold, but not pulling the trigger on that quite yet.’

To exemplify, in high school, he liked to wear 2 different kinds of socks. This made him stand out, not in a blatant way, but in a very subtle and profound manner.
A tad more conspicuous was when he opted for bright colored shoes.
Youri definitely likes to do things just a bit different than everyone else – avoid blending in by not abiding the norm completely.


He is the kind of man who does not want to spend that much time on outlining his looks. This does not imply that he does not think clothes matter. On the contrary, he believes that dressing is very important. Youri mentioned the principle of ‘you are what you wear’. Clothing has a significant effect on the way you feel about yourself. If you dress nice, you can take pride in your appearance and you will feel better about yourself. Also, your surroundings respond to the way you present yourself.


’The image is incredibly powerful’.


There is one golden rule that Youri applies when it comes to clothes – the cut has to be right. Craftsmanship is highly valued. This is possibly something he took from his youth. He wasn’t raised with designer clothes (exception to the rule was the Levis 501), but he did watch his mother sew his father’s jackets. This meant that, from a young age, he already witnessed firsthand, what a well-tailored wardrobe could do for a person.




What are your favorite fashion labels?

‘I don’t really favor certain labels. Although, I always opt for Nike when it comes to sneakers and I do carry a selection of Hugo Boss’s red label.’


Who is the best dressed man?

‘Prince! He pushed boundaries. It was his eccentric style that captivated me.’


Who is the best dressed woman?

‘Dionne Stax is the first name that pops into my head. Dionne is a Dutch news anchor, who always looks sophisticated. (ed. she dresses very feminine – bodycon dresses, tailored shirts combined with a pencil skirt, distinct blazers etc.) 
I like it when women dress somewhat more daring. A woman that does not shy away from standing out is very appealing. I definitely prefer a lady by my side that turns heads with her striking appearance. ‘


What do you find very attractive to see a woman wear?

‘The entire look is what draws you in, her overall impression. Aside from that, I do watch her hands closely. Well groomed hands are very attractive – elegant hands with nice nails.’


What do you find very unattractive to see a woman wear?

‘A woman that does not take care of her hands is a big turn off. Chipped fingernails are highly unattractive. Also, too much make-up can be a deal breaker. 
On a side note, smell is very important. The right scent can capture me.’


Do you notice a difference in the way women dress in different countries?

‘Yes, I definitely appreciate Dutch women. In general, they dress somewhat bolder. A bit more daring can be very sexy.’


Kim Kardashian (femme fatale), Doutzen Kroes (girl-next-door) or Kate Middleton (perfect daughter-in-law)?

‘Definitely a femme fatale. She captivates me. These type of women are often ánd intelligent ánd beautiful. The kind of woman that knows exactly how to play a man. She pushes all the right buttons, which ultimately gives her full control of you. Ultimately, that is what a man wants, to be in the power of a beautiful and intelligent woman. 
However, obviously, this doesn’t last. You cannot live with a femme fatale. Far more practical is a girl-next-door. I prefer a woman with whom it’s light, not too heavy – easy going. Perfect would be an intelligent, beautiful, girl-next-door.
But a Femme Fatale… (sigh) .. you know.’ (ed. could this be his Achilles heel?)