Wind chill

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Even though the sun is shining bright, it definitely isn’t warm outside. The sun provides some heat, but the strong wind ensures a more chilly feeling. In order to cope with the cold, warm clothing is a must. Either opt for multiple layers or go for thicker fabrics.

Do try to take in some sun – we all need that vitamin D. You know what they say: sun’s out, buns out! Due to the cold, I would interpret this a bit different – instead of referring to one’s bottoms, I would refer to your hairstyle. The magic touch of the sun can leave a beautiful glow on your face, so pull back your hair (e.g. in a bun) and let the sun kiss you in the face!

I’m wearing a short coat (brand: Yves Salomon), grey skinny jeans (brand: Dsquared) and black high heels (brand: Zara). To top it off, I’m wearing classic black sunnies (brand: Chanel) and I’m carrying a small top handle bag (brand: Gucci).