when we were young

voetstappenRecently I went to the movies to see Pan. Pan is the latest version of the fairytale Peter Pan. Peter Pan is by far my favorite Disney story. It encompasses everything my childhood represented. The essence of my childhood, which made it so wonderful, was that it was carefree. I grew up in a traditional household; my dad worked and my mom stayed at home to take care of my older brother and I. We were very blessed; we were all healthy and happily living our lives. My childhood definitely was like growing up in fairyland; I was given unconditional love and the only thing I had to do was to enjoy my life and have fun. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this is the best way to raise kids.)
I led this life until I was 18. I was the daughter of-, sister of- and friend of-. I knew which part I was playing in society and I knew exactly what people expected of me. I was carefree.

As you grow older you have to start taking control of your own life, you have to step out into the world and figure out which role you want/can fulfill in society. To some people this is a natural process; they grow into things. Other people, including me, find the road to figuring out which part to play in society more challenging. This can partly be attributed to their character, partly to their circumstances.

Fact is that you have to take responsibility as you grow up. Most of us love to live a free life without ever having to commit to anything, however unlike Peter Pan we do not live in neverland. We live in a society that expects certain things. Today’s society is extremely fast and demanding – it is driven by an uncontrollable thirst for power. But exactly how complicated is it to take part in today’s society? Do we sometimes make it more difficult ourselves?

Perhaps you could say that our minds are like neverland. In our heads anything is possible; we can just as easily create as solve problems there. The mind is very powerful. Overanalyzing things is detrimental to our functioning. The moment we get stuck in our thinking is the also moment we lose ourselves. We are so captivated by our thoughts that we stop with actually living.

Life starts at the core. You should start with being grateful; you should appreciate life. This is essential in figuring out who you are, what you want and which role you wish to fulfill in society. Life is a gift; you should be incredibly thankful that this is handed to you. Life will challenge you; it will throw you curveballs and can really knock you down at times. But if you’re embracing life, it can also bring you incredible amounts of laughter, joy and love. So take a deep breath, stop thinking and start living!