When I think of a strong person, I think of a person who is self-conscious and is true to oneself. Today’s society is extremely fast-paced and can be really harsh. It takes a great deal of strength to stay true to yourself.

Society is made up of a countless number of regulations, laws, mandates, cultural norms and let’s not forget about the ethical rules. Accordingly, society dictates how people should live their lives.

Unless you live on a deserted island, you have no choice but to adhere to these rules. However, it is about to which extend you let society dictate your life.
Yes, you have to pay taxes, but no, you don’t have to follow a certain fashion trend. You should live your life for you and do what contributes to your happiness. If acceptance is what you’re looking for, then conforming is the right choice. If not, then appeal to your personal freedom and be confident to choose what makes you happy.