I’m a big fan of knitwear. From fine to heavy knit – as long as it does not itch – I love it all! To me the heavier the knit, the more rugged your look will be. Very fine knit has a soft and feminine appeal. Given the fact that most fine knit pieces do not make a statement in and of themselves, they are easy to combine. On the contrary, a lot of heavy, chunky knit items do draw attention to them due to their volume. Thick threads ensure more comprehensive apparel. Because of this, incorporating heavy knit into your look can be a bit more challenging. 

It should be noted that thicker threads do not necessarily translate into warmer clothing. In fact, my experience tells me that finer knit is often more insulating. One of the reasons being that because there is less space between the threads, less heat can escape. Following, I always wear a second layer when I opt for heavy knit. These days I definitely opt for second layers – spring might have kicked in, but I’m still feeling the cold.


I’m wearing skinny jeans (brand: 7forallmankind), a heavy knit vest (brand: DNA), a fur vest (brand: Unknown) and biker boots (brand: Prada).