Mondain Knokke


There is one special place on this earth where I feel completely at peace. This place is Knokke; it’s a seaside resort on the Belgian coastline. As soon as I breathe in the air in Knokke my heartbeat slows down and it feels like all of my thoughts leave my head. You might think I make it sound like a magical place, but that’s exactly what it is to me. Knokke is my neverland; it’s the place where I feel carefree.

At first sight of this small town you will most definitely raise your eyebrows. First of all, the architecture in Knokke leaves much to be desired. Most buildings are very dated and lack character due to their concrete facades. Also, the confrontation of one too many for sale signs, the bad economic situation also left its mark here, makes you think you took the wrong turn. But if you can look beyond the architecture you will also immediately notice the beauty of Knokke. Even though the resort if fairly small, it has lots to offer. The seaside resort breathes the mondain lifestyle. From the best food to the most exclusive fashion – you will be amazed!



The first thing you’ll notice is that the people here move around by golf cart. Golf carts are easy to operate, but most of all it’s so much fun to drive one! Do make sure that you steer clear of puddles; electric motors and water are not the best combination.


Knokke is completely family-oriented. The family compositions come in all shapes and sizes. Whether the kids are still young or fully grown-up, families come together here. Funny thing you’ll notice is that you can tell which kids belong to which parents by looking at their clothing. Most of the time the girls match their mothers and the boys their fathers. Especially during the summer you can tell by the look of the swimwear. The sight of young boys wearing similar patterned Vilebrequin swim shorts as their fathers isn’t rare.
Noteworthy is that almost every family in Knokke includes a dog. Most hotels and restaurants are very accommodating to dogs. By far the most popular dog in Knokke is the Yorkshire terrier. If you really want to fit in, you’ll decorate your pouch with a little bow on its head.

Fashionista’s also love to come down to Knokke. All of the luxury- and premium brands are well represented here. Next to the standard flagship stores, there are lots of small luxury boutiques, which carry exclusive collections of directional fashion. Luckily there’s a casino in Knokke so you can try to get lucky and earn some shopping money!


Furthermore, Knokke is the place for food lovers. Foodies can really get their senses stimulated in here. There are lots of fantastic bakeries, chocolate-makers, caterers, butchers and restaurants. It is my belief that the Burgundian lifestyle was invented here. Whether you go for a take-out waffle at a sandwich bar or sit down in a fancy restaurant, the food never disappoints.


All in all, Knokke is a place to feel free and to enjoy the good life. The only thing that is expected of you is that you behave in an orderly manner and that you leave your troubles at home.
Knokke truly feels like neverland; there are no strict rules and anything seems possible. So drive down to this beach resort and enjoy the wings that you’re given here.


My favorite spots in Knokke:

  1. Restaurant Rubens – to eat ‘garnalenkroketten’ (shrimp croquettes)
  2. The Palace, Memlinc hotel – to have a drink or for a nice lunch
  3. Piazza Zoute – to have a drink or for lunch outside
  4. La Terasse du Zoute – to have dinner
  5. Monroe Beach (limited season opening)