La Vie en Loavies


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Outside is where I feel free. To enjoy this feeling of freedom, I need to be able to run, jump and roll around without anything holding me back. Unfortunately, most fashion does tend to limit this kind of action.
Luckily, I came across the perfect solution: a jumpsuit! This way I can move as freely as I want and look great at the same time.

I’ve opted for a taupe colored jumpsuit. Not only does this jumpsuit provide great comfort, it also offers versatility. The upper body straps allow you to twist, wrap and tie the jumpsuit any way you like. Following, you are able to create your own unique look!

Since summer in the Netherlands does not always imply high temperatures, I selected one of thé must have items of the moment to keep me warm: a bomber jacket. 
To complement my taupe colored jumpsuit I’ve opted for a bronzed colored jacket.

Let’s run, jump and roll around!