knitwear galore




Dropping temperatures ask for warm knitwear. I am a big fan of heavy knit cardigans. The reason I prefer medium to heavy knit over fine is because it gives your look more cachet. My personal style is very simple and clean and in order for me to avoid blending into the crowd I’m always looking for ways to give my look more depth. Most of the time this depth comes from the fabric of my clothes. You can’t hide quality.
Of course there are a thousand other ways to spice up your look, think color, design, perhaps even a lack of clothing, however I can’t stress it enough – you should only wear what makes you feel comfortable. Because imagine standing out from the crowd whilst feeling uncomfortable… Where is the exit please?!?
Assuming that you want others to see the beautiful individual that you are, my advice is to stay true to your personal style and look for subtle ways to make your look more distinct. Play with fabrics, colors, accessories and see what feels good. Just have fun!
Here I’m wearing a black and white heavy knit vest (brand: DNA) and a black skinny jeans (brand: 7forallmankind). Because of all the rain the past couple of days I’ve decided to go for my classic black timberland boots. These boots really give you grip on any surface.