Jan van Halst


The bright red stadium of Football Club Twente is a sight for sore eyes. ‘De Grolsch Veste’ is an ultra-modern, fully equipped arena, where both business and pleasure come to meet. Aside from hosting football matches, the stadium also offers room for more formal gatherings to take place.
With a reception with ceilings that reach for the sky, a hallway as long as 5th avenue and office views that overlook the field – FC Twente knows how to accommodate people.


One of the prominent offices belongs to Jan van Halst (ed. the technical director of FC Twente).
Jan van Halst is a former professional football player. Jan played for several clubs during his career, however, he is best known for his performances at FC Twente and AFC Ajax.
It was at FC Twente, where Jan profiled himself as a true club icon. Jan was notorious for his perseverance – he was unstoppable. His strength combined with his leadership skills made him become a highly acclaimed football player.
Jan’s reputation exceeded far beyond the reach of the Twente supporters. After having played for almost a decade at FC Twente, it was AFC Ajax that successfully signed Jan van Halst.
In the end, he finished his professional football career at SBV Vitesse.


These days, next to his function at FC Twente, Jan is occupied as a sports analyst. He provides expert discussion on football events. His work ranges from television appearances to giving readings and motivational talks.
Furthermore, Jan is highly committed to several charities. 

No doubt about it – this man is still unstoppable!


When you think of Jan van Halst, you immediately think of perfectly fitted suits. Either complemented with a tie, a vest underneath, paired with a long overcoat or more casually with an open collar. Whatever the specifics are, Jan’s suits are always fit to a T.


Time to find out more about his style!


Jan van Halst wasn’t always dressed as the perfect gentleman. In fact, Jan really had to teach himself that clothes are part of a person’s identity.
During his childhood, Jan’s style could best be described as rebellious. Whenever his surroundings picked up a certain trend, he was the one who would wear anything bút that certain trend. For example, when everyone was wearing New Balance shoes, Jan would wear a pair of cut-price arbitrary sneakers.
Also, when everyone was wearing Adidas sweat pants, Jan would opt for a pair of unique sweats made by his mother. At his request, his mother sew these out of their old flower-printed curtains.
Jan did this to make a statement – ‘I do not care what anyone else thinks of me’.


Following his career as a professional football player, he actually vowed to never wear a suit. He wanted to stay true to himself – wear more casual attire. Nevertheless, after several times of feeling underdressed while wearing jeans during meetings with directors, he gave in. Suits were on the menu!
Even though Jan claims that he does not have an eye for style, he finds suits to be rather easy. ‘All you have to do is pick a dress shirt to go with it and you’re good to go.’
That being said, the combination of the shirt and suit are not the work of Jan himself. Either his wife and daughter help him out or Piet Zoomers organizes his clothes for him. 



How would you describe your personal style?

‘Business casual. I used to always wear a tie, but now I opt for a bit more nonchalance.’


What are your favorite fashion labels?

‘I do not have favorite labels. When it comes to clothes, all that matters to me is the fit, not the brand.


Is there a difference between how you dress when working vs leisure time?

‘Yes, my schedule dictates my wardrobe. When I have time off, I mainly opt for jeans paired with sneakers. I like to be comfortable. Also at home, I like to wear sweats.’


Do you allocate certain character traits to the way a person dresses?

‘No I don’t, because it often turns out not to be true. People who dress rather sloppy, do not necessarily have an unorganized work attitude. It can also mean that they just don’t care about their appearance. I don’t judge a book by its cover.’


Who is the best dressed man?

‘Humberto Tan’


Who is the best dressed woman?

 ‘Angelina Jolie. She is a very charming woman. She dresses in a sophisticated manner. I definitely do not like it when women dress too revealing.’


Do you find it important the way a woman dresses?

‘I do value a woman who takes care of herself – that is very important. I appreciate the sight of a woman who has put in the time and effort. It does not even has to be my taste. In fact, I enjoy watching women who have their own style. The important matter is that you can see that they’ve made an effort to look their best.’


What do you find very attractive to see a woman wear?

 ‘Heels – that is very charming. I’m attracted to charming women.
Come to think of it, I always look at women’s shoes – they are a sort of hidden attention.’


What do you find very unattractive to see a woman wear?

‘Buckled shoes and shoes that are worn down.’


Do you prefer to see a woman in pants or in a dress or skirt?

‘I prefer pants. A nice form-fitting pants complemented with high heels. That style is very appealing. There’s something about the contrast that speaks to me.’


How do you feel about fake hair and fake nails?

‘When it is not overdone, I can understand. As long as it is done in moderation, I can appreciate it. I also think that it is very convenient. If you wish to have long hair, you do not have to wait for it to grow anymore.’


Kim Kardashian (femme fatale), Doutzen Kroes (girl-next-door) or Kate Middleton (perfect daughter-in-law)?

‘The girl-next-door. I really do not like femme fatales.’