into the woods

When you wake up on a Saturday morning and you initiate the process of getting out of bed, the feeling of a cold breeze or the sight of dreary weather can stop this movement instantly. If there isn’t a pressing reason to get up, you will most likely choose your bed over anything else.
Even though I absolutely enjoy the warmth and coziness of my bed, I also love to start my days early. The first hours of the day are significant, because at these hours you still have the entire day ahead of you – anything can happen!
I especially treasure the morning hours of the weekends because then you actually have the time to realize and enjoy the fact that you still have the entire day ahead of you.


Outside is where I love to watch the world slowly awake. The morning cold, the absolute silence and the smell of fresh air bring peace of mind. As a result of the exceeding radiation from the earth compared to the radiation from the sun, morning fog arises. The sight of gloomy meadows is captivating; sometimes it almost feels like you’re on a different planet.


The forest is the perfect place to enjoy morning nature to the fullest. The pure earthy smell of the woods has a calming effect. Before you start to explore the forest, you should first take a couple of deep breaths in order to get a clear head.


As you wander along, you get to take pleasure in the sight and the smell of trees. Trees are a symbol of strength and endurance. A lot of research has been conducted concerning the healing power of trees. My experience has taught me that surrounding myself with them makes me feel grounded and peaceful.



Nature truly is inspiring. Next time the feeling of a cold breeze offsets you to get out of bed, try to think about the magical sights it can bring. 
Your bed will always be there, but the morning glow won’t last forever.