Holiday hairstyles


With the holiday season upon us, preparation is key. The holidays are perfect for recharging your batteries – sit back, relax and enjoy yourself surrounded by your loved ones. However, unfortunately, most people experience these days as rather stressful instead of relaxing.
A possible way to take some of the pressure off, is to arrange certain things ahead of time.

One of those matters that you can plan in advance is your appearance. If you create your look before the actual date, you grant yourself the pleasure of not stressing about it anymore. In addition, since there is no pressure, you can also have fun playing around with it.

But, where to begin?

It is my belief that if your hair looks great, you will look great. What you’re wearing or what kind of make-up you will apply is subordinate.
Since I love to get inspiration from the professionals, I booked an appointment at Assink Pure Identity. Assink strives for the perfect balance between inner and outer beauty. With a team of top stylists, who provide both the best service and advice, it is a holiday in and of itself to take a seat in this gorgeous salon.



Look no. 1 – Wavy blowout





This hairstyle has a sexy and flirty appeal. It is perfect for almost any occasion.
By creating waves instead of classic curls, you ensure a more playful look.


Look no. 2 – Side fishtail braid




This look definitely requires some skill. But, trust me, you will never regret the time you’ve put in learning how to do a fishtail braid. This braid has, contrary to your classic braid, more allure. Due to its structure, it has an instant wow effect that will blow your spectators away.
The side fishtail braid is also a look that is suitable for almost any occasion.


Look no. 3 – Messy ponytail


After you’ve overcome the obstacle of blowing out your hair properly, the messy ponytail is a walk in the park. All you have to do is pull your hair back and fasten it into a ponytail. To finish your look, take a small section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around your elastic band to hide it. Easy peasy – a perfect and sexy hairstyle!

Personally, I also love it when a couple of hair locks come undone – this gives it an even sexier appeal. Do note that this look is not for every occasion. Due to it’s ‘messiness’, I would not recommend it for a truly formal gathering.




Look no. 4 – Low bun


This look is a modern take on the classic low bun. By putting your hair up with pins, you are able to be creative with the shape of your bun. The same goes for your hair on top – you don’t have to pull it back so tight. In fact, I believe it looks more fashionable if you leave it somewhat looser on top.
Even with the modern take on this look, the low bun is suitable for both formal and informal affairs.




There you have it – 4 different hairstyles for the holidays.
Thank you so much Assink Pure Identity – there is no place I’d rather be.


I wish you all the most fun, relaxing and loving holidays!