get your biker on




Given the fact that I’m a huge fan of the rock chic style – the leather biker jacket is one of my favorite clothing items. If it were up to me everyone would have this item in his or her closet. There are countless of varieties available, however there is only one golden rule when it comes to this classic piece: good quality leather is key. When the leather isn’t up to standard, you will risk looking shabby. (I know that ‘shabby chic’ is a popular style, but trust me this is not achieved by wearing low quality pieces of clothing.) The biker jacket is an eye catcher, so make sure it’s worth watching! 
Currently very popular is the oversized biker jacket, which is perfect for ‘coat-slinging’. Coat-slinging is the latest most stylish way to show off your key piece. This means that you don’t actually wear your jacket, rather you ‘carry’ it over your shoulders. Also totally on trend right now is the customized biker jacket. Lots of designers are currently working closely with well known artists. Painted inspirational quotes and drawings together with the use of studs and spikes result in unique pieces.
I’m wearing a dark blue biker jacket (brand: Pierre Balmain), a black long-tee (brand: H&M), skinny jeans (brand: Dsquared) and grey high heeled booties (brand: Saint Laurent). To top off my rock chic look I’ve opted for classic aviator sunglasses (brand: Ray-Ban).