Collateral Cold






Since a week or two the temperature has dropped. Out with the warmth, in with the cold! If you haven’t started yet, now is the time to get your winter wardrobe in place.
It is apparent that when temperatures fall, most people do adjust their upper body apparel to the climate but they do not adjust their lower body apparel. We all grab thicker sweaters, opt for scarves and put on our padded or wool jackets when we go outside. However most of us do not wear different trousers when the season changes. Think of jeans – regardless of the outside temperature, we continue to wear the same pair of jeans all year round.

When scanning through my closet I noticed that what makes my bottom wear winter wear is mainly the color. The colder it gets, the darker my jeans. Since color alone doesn’t provide heat (at least not to my knowledge) I did buy a couple of wool pants. Do make sure that if you buy wool bottoms, you buy a lined pair. This is due to the fact that you want the wool to keep you warm, you do not want to get hot from all the scratching you’re prompted to do because of the itchy fabric.

I’m wearing dark blue wool pants (brand: Windsor), a dark blue turtleneck (brand: Zara) and faded pink ankle booties (brand: Dsquared2).