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Women are lucky when it comes to business attire. Opposite to men, our fashion options stretch way beyond your classic suit. But before you go all out, note that there are some guidelines you should abide by. Even though dress codes may vary from continent to continent, there are a couple of uniform rules you should adhere to when it comes to business attire.

Concerning your top apparel; more is more. In order to avoid showing too much skin, you should cover up your shoulders and avoid low necklines. Most appropriate top wear are classically tailored blouses and blazers. If you wish to be a bit more nonchalant, a chic cashmere sweater or a conservative twin-set with a high neckline is also a great pick.

Concerning your bottom apparel; the longer the better. Whether you’re wearing a dress or a skirt, the hemline must at least reach your knees; over-the-knee or longer is even better. If you prefer trousers, make sure the fabric is appropriate; think fine cotton, wool or high quality polyester. (Denim is an absolute no-go!)

Still, when push comes to shove, most of the rules are taken rather creatively. There is only one golden rule in a business environment and that is to never dress provocatively. So button up, cover up, strap up and huddle up – show them you mean business!

I’m wearing a tight fitted classic pencil dress (brand: Ladress), a trenchcoat (brand: Burberry) and high heels (brand: Jimmy Choo). To complete my look I am carrying a deep brown saddle bag tote (brand: Gucci).