Brighten up your fall





Every time the temperature drops, my mood drops simultaneously. Don’t get me wrong, I can truly appreciate every season, but the transition from summer to fall, is just not something I deal with easily. Having to say goodbye to those lovely warm nights, cute summer outfits, sunkissed skin, and beach wavy hair is tough.


However, what I do truly love about the shifting of the seasons, is the color scheme it brings. During fall, nature shows amazing shades of gold, orange and red. When confronted with this, one cannot simply feel anything less than excited.


To brighten up my mood, I decided to follow in nature’s footsteps – bring on the color! I’m wearing a long cashmere vest with matching scarf (brand: unknown), grey skinny cargo pants (brand: J-brand), black high heels (brand: Zara) and a silver colored crossbody bag (brand: unknown).