Blow me away








It is no secret that I absolutely love nature. I especially love the power of the elements.
To me the feeling of the wind blowing is like tasting freedom. When the air is changing at a fast pace, you have no choice but to abide it. You have to let loose and let the wind take you away. Just spread your arms and embrace what’s coming – who knows in what way the wind will blow you away.

Aside from the magic that the wind might bring, it also creates difficulties concerning dressing yourself for this type of weather. What to wear when your surroundings are moving? It would definitely be wise to:

  • wear your hair up – e.g. in a ponytail or a bun so your locks stay in place
  • avoid lipgloss – so loose hairs won’t stick to your lips
  • go for flat shoes – in order to avoid risking literally being blown away

As you can see, I felt rebellious (this might be a possible side effect of the wind). I wore my hair down, did put on lipstick (in my defense, it is less sticky than lipgloss) and I opted for high heels.

I’m wearing a long knitted vest with matching scarf (brand: Unknown), a destroyed boyfriend jeans (brand: J-brand) and high heels (brand: Jimmy Choo).