Coming from afar is a very tall, all dressed in black, noticeable man. It is his distinct appearance, that makes him stand out from the crowd. His self-assured presence is highly appealing, yet, also a bit intimidating.

The 24-year old DJ/producer, who goes by the name Bakermat, has become world famous for his melodic house music. A few of his hit singles include ‘One Day’, ‘Teach Me’ and ‘Living’.
His music in combination with his charisma ensures an instant ‘feel-good’ effect among his followers.
Life is better when Bakermat is setting the tone!

Aside from his music, Bakermat also puts his stamp on the scene by making outstanding fashion choices. Whenever he performs, he wears a flamboyant circus jacket. This bold colored jacket with golden details is a definite eye-catcher.
A quick scan through his social channels (@bakermatmusic) confirms Bakermat’s sense of style – everybody wants to get their hands on one of his circus jackets.


Time to sit down and talk fashion


It wasn’t until somewhat later in his career, that he started to wear his prominent jacket. In fact, it was his attendance at a circus themed wedding, that influenced his current fashion choices.
A big circus tent in the woods was the perfect setting for the wedding to take place. All the guests were dressed according to theme. More specifically, one of the guests was sporting a circus director jacket.
Inspired by current events, Bakermat decided to host a circus themed concert at a club in Paris. This marked the beginning of his iconic jacket. Namely, during that night, he wore a blue colored circus jacket, which was similar to the one he spotted on one of the wedding guests.
Following, in the aftermath of an amazing night, he woke up to an imploded inbox – everyone was talking about his outfit. This enthusiastic response made him decide to continue rocking this style.
In fact, nowadays, he even designs his jackets himself.

The flashier he dresses when performing, the more subdued he dresses when he has time off. During leisure time, he mainly opts for clean black clothing.
Bakermat describes his personal style as effortless and minimal. He values high quality clothing without too much ‘opschmuck’ (i.e. bells and whistles).
A few of his favorite labels include Won Hundred, H&M and Rick Owens.

When it comes to accessorizing, Bakermat likes to wear long necklaces. His love for this piece of jewelry started when he received one of them at a party in Los Angeles. This particular model showcased a hanger in the shape of a headphone jack. 
Remarkably, nowadays he mainly gets his necklaces from the women’s collection at H&M.




When moving on to the subject of women’s style, it becomes clear that Bakermat is a very manly man. He doesn’t pay that much attention to what women wear. Above all, he values appearance – the way a woman presents herself.
Still, a quick Q&A did provide some insight into his preferences.

Who is the best dressed woman?

While answering this question, Bakermat’s eyes sparkle and the name Emma Watson crosses his lips: ‘’She is the woman of my dreams’’.

What do you find very attractive to see a woman wear?


What do you find very unattractive to see a woman wear?

100%, a pantsuit. That is thé worst outfit a woman can wear.

How do you feel about red lips?

Yes! Big yes! Top!

Kim Kardashian (femme fatale), Doutzen Kroes (girl-next-door) or Kate Middleton (perfect daughter-in-law)?

Kate Middleton, yes, marry me!


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